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Steam Gift is one of the best ways to buy Steam games with the best and cheapest prices in the different regions . By buying it as a steam gift, you can get a 70% discount on the games you want . In this way you after registering your order , and You create a new account on Steam and send us its details , After that, we will buy the game purchased by you in your Steam account and deliver it to you , And after delivery, you can change the password and details of your account for more security, because this account is for you

What is the delivery time of Steam Gift

If your purchase is during business hours of the site, after registering the order, your purchase will be completed between 1 to 3 working hours

How is the game delivered

Payment by WebMoney and Bitcoin

After registering the order, deposit the amount through WebMoney or Bitcoin, then contact us through the online chat of the site to complete your order Or by contacting us

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