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Frequently Asked Questions

purchase steps

  • You choose and buy the game you want
  • After paying the amount, you will send us your purchase receipt and order number
  • Then, create a new account on Steam and send us its details
  • We will purchase and activate the game you want in your sent Steam account, and we will inform you after activation
  • This process takes between 1 to 3 working hours
  • After completing the order by our support, you can change your password, etc. for more security
  • To expedite the ordering process, please contact us live via Telegram Support
  • And in the end, you get the best games at the lowest cost
  • Thank you for being with us

How long does it take to complete the order?

Generally, your order will be completed one to three hours after purchase ( During site working hours )

What are the working hours of the site?

9:00 | 22:00  UTC +03:30

How is the payment on the site?

After registering the order , Payment by WebMoney and Bitcoin ,Then you must contact us through the site support to complete your order and you can send message in Telegram (Code47_IR)

What do we need to do to prove our payment?

After registering the order and depositing the amount, you must receive the receipt and the deposit ID for us along with the screenshot to complete your order

What are the product warranties?

To prevent some customers from making a profit, after purchasing and delivering your products, you must confirm that your purchase has been completed and send us a picture of the game in your account

Is there a hacked or used account among the products?

No, all products are original and all purchases are made from your account and include the purchase invoice , All codes are included in the warranty and are original


Contact Telegram Support for faster response and online chat

  • Please enter the country code as well

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