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Buy an Origin Gift Card without a bank account

Looking for a fast and secure way to top up your EA Wallet? A digital Origin Gift Card is the way to go. Available 24/7, your gift card code is emailed to you immediately after purchase. In just a few moments, you’ll have enough prepaid credit to purchase your favorite EA titles and in-game content without having to use a credit card. Buy an EA Origin Gift Card on Cdkeyworld (US) today to get more prepaid credit instantly to spend in the Origin Store. Choose from the multiple payment methods we accept and bring the games straight to your computer!

Receive your EA Origin Gift Card code instantly by email

Once you’ve selected the card amount that’s right for you, complete your purchase using one of our 73 secure payment methods. Your digital gift card code is immediately emailed to you along with your receipt and redeem instructions. It will also appear directly on your screen and is ready to use so you can add the funds to your EA Wallet in seconds! If you have any questions about redeeming your code, please contact our customer service by chat, Facebook Messenger or email. They are happy to help you out.

What is Origin?

It’s a massively popular gaming platform developed by Electronic Arts (EA) for Mac and Windows users alike. Play and store all of your favorite games created by EA including the latest releases in The Sims, Madden, FIFA and Battlefield series. Whether bought digitally or transferred using the physical disk’s key code, easily store your gaming library on one platform. Not only can you download and store games, expansion packs, and patches, but there is an entire social community as well. Connect with your friends easily with integrated Twitch streaming and library sharing. With their fast downloads, cloud saving and extensive game catalog, it’s no wonder millions of gamers are obsessed with Origin!

Give a gamer the gift of Origin Cash

An EA Gift Card is a great gift for all video game lovers. Make it even more complete with similar gaming options such as the Steam Gift Card or the Nintendo Gift Card. At cdkeyworld (US), you can even customize your gift card with our free templates and have the option of writing a personal message. Just download it, print it, and you’ve got the perfect gift for any gamer!

Are EA Gift Cards country-specific?

Yes, the country you purchase it for must match the country of your EA account. Make sure to double-check so you can use your card without trouble.

Can I use an Origin Cash Card to buy Origin Access?

Depending on your country, you can indeed use your gift card to purchase a subscription. Right now this is possible in the following regions: Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the UK and the US. Please, check the updated country list on EA’s FAQ page.

What’s the difference between Origin Access Basic and Premier?

Origin Access is EA’s subscription service, specifically for PC. Choose from either a Basic or a Premier subscription and enjoy early access to games and discounts. As well as unlimited access to The Vault, an always expanding catalog of games. Membership also guarantees a 10% off all products in the Origin store, plus early access to EA games before their official release. With a Basic membership, you are able to enjoy short trial versions of new games before anyone else, while with the more expensive Premier membership, you can play the full version of the games before they’re released!

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