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Buy a Skype Gift Card online | Skype Prepaid Cards And Gift Cards

Do you need more Skype credit to make cheap calls to phone numbers worldwide? You can now buy Skype credit online, 24/7, directly delivered. Topping up your Skype account is fast, easy and secure with a Skype Gift Card. This digital prepaid card will be delivered by email and can be directly redeemed. Avoid running out of credit and keep your Skype account topped up with prepaid credit – no need to link your credit card or bank account!

Skype top up code instantly delivered

Select the value of you Skype top up, choose one of our secure payment options and finish your transaction to receive the Skype top up code instantly by email. In addition, your code will appear immediately on screen so you can redeem it even faster.

Have you followed the redeem instructions, but can’t redeem your Skype code? Then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They are available by chat or email and happy to help you out!

Why top up Skype credit Skype Prepaid Cards And Gift Cards?

It is true that video calls on Skype are for free. But can also use Skype to call regular landlines and mobile phone numbers around the world for really cheap fares. To be able to do this, you need to top up your Skype account with prepaid credit. Skype calling rates are inexpensive and easy to keep track of. What’s more, you can use Skype to make phone calls from any device – whether it is a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Use Skype for all your phone calls abroad and you’ll never have an unpleasantly high phone bill again!

Give someone Skype credit or Skype Prepaid Cards And Gift Cards as a gift

Do you have family or friends living abroad or going on a journey? Want to make sure they can check in with you every now and then? Just give them a Skype credit gift card to provide them with the means to call you from all around the world. You can even choose one of our free gift card templates to customize your gift card. Add a personal message and download your custom gift card to print it out or send it on digitally.

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